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Wedding Shoes

If you are planning on getting married in the near future, this is one day you will certainly want to be seen looking your very best. It’s not often that men really need to spend time and effort choosing the right footwear but unfortunately, on the very day that you wish to really impress, grooms and ushers often struggle to find statement shoes to rival the occasion so find themselves having to compromise on the formal footwear front – remember it’s your day too so you really don’t have to wear traditional lace-ups a hired ill-fitting morning suit but you absolutely must look your best.

As far as simple rules for formal attire goes, black or grey tailoring requires black shoes whilst navy suits can be worn with brown (dark not tan) or black shoes. If you’re wearing a black tie (a tuxedo) then black patent leather shoes always complement. If you plan to wear a white suit, the “no white” rule applies only to women at weddings, then brown or black shoes work best.

Magoosy has designed a fine collection of very stylish men’s wedding or formal shoes. To ensure that you and your wedding party are looking smooth and sophisticated on your special day, there’s an exceptional choice of formal footwear in the Dress Shoe section of our online store. All the shoes are hand crafted using high quality materials with emphasis on style and distinctive finishing. Choose from a variety of contemporary and sophisticated designs that will make the perfect partner to the rest of your handsome and individual attire.